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Chances are, if you use agents to find a tenant, Howsy will find tenants and manage your property for less than you’re paying now.

What Howsy landlords are saying

Word of mouth

Really amazing
"So the service is really amazing, because now what I can do is get on with my other business and do what I enjoy doing, without having the hassle element that the tenants were providing for me."
Richard, Landlord
Competitive and efficient
"The fees are very competitive and backed up by a very efficient service. All team members we work with always go the extra mile to help. They are probably the best we have worked with. Landlords try this different approach and don’t be afraid to fire your useless agencies."
Paul, Landlord
The process was very smooth
"The process was very smooth and I found my agent, Rebecca Hughes, to be incredibly helpful and attentive. The most stressful part of changing management company’s is the handover and Rebecca was always there to put me at ease and carry that burden. Great job."
Olaf, Landlord


We do things differently so you may have some questions. You’ll find the most common ones here.

Can I use my own contractors for repairs?

Yes. You can give us their details up front and we’ll keep them in our records for when they are needed, or you can let us know who they are when we contact you about a specific maintenance or repair issue.

I am an overseas Landlord do you handle tax payments?

As an overseas Landlord we would be required by law to deduct 20% from your rental income and transfer it to HMRC each quarter unless you have registered with HMRC as a non-resident landlord.

To prevent this 20% deduction from happening each quarter (Jan, Apr, July, Oct) ), you will have to register with HMRC using the NRL1i form link below – there is the option to complete the form online which should speed up the registration. HMRC will then send us a letter which will authorise us to send your rental income without tax deductions. There is also the link for the NRLS guidance document if you need further information. If you need further assistance, call us and we can arrange for someone in the Finance team to give you a call to answer any questions you may have.

HMRC Non-resident Landlord scheme guidance


NRL1i Form for Overseas Landlords


Our NRLS approval number is 904/NA057591 (You will need to use NA057591 on the online form) and the full company details are No Agent Technologies Ltd, 65-67 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS.

What happens after I create a profile on the Howsy platform?

After you create a profile you will be contacted by one of our colleagues from the sales team. On average it takes 20 minutes until we call you back, but if you are busy and can’t talk we will call later or send you an email. Our colleague will talk to you to make sure that we understand all your requirements, and then notify the Property Account Manager and their team who will begin proceedings to prepare the property to go live on the relevant marketing portals.   

We will also need you to provide a few details, including evidence that you are the lawful owner of the property you are renting:  

– A copy of your I.D (Passport, Driving License)

– Your home address (For any future correspondence)

– Bank details (For rent collection)

– Gas Safety Certificate (If the property has gas)

Of the above list, the most relevant to start marketing is the copy of your I.D.  We are required by law to do property ownership checks for all the properties we market. The rest can always be passed on at a later date if you were more comfortable to do so.