Zero deposit scheme

Zero deposit for tenants, greater protection for landlords

Turning traditional deposits on their heads, Howsy Club is simplifying this outdated system and smoothing the way for more affordable and accessible renting for everyone.

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Available with:

  • Standard
  • Protect


Revolutionising deposits

Providing all the security of a traditional deposit for landlords but with no upfront cost for tenants, the scheme brings a raft of benefits for all involved, and simplifies the entire system. No more worries about taking and protecting deposits, Howsy Club does away with all of that.

Better protection, less cost

A small monthly payment replaces the hefty traditional upfront deposit for the tenant (or household), with landlords benefitting from an insurance-backed scheme designed to provide greater protection against rent defaults, damage or other incurred costs.

No admin, just benefits

There’s no hidden admin hassle to worry about, we are the policy holders so we deal with any claims on your behalf. You can sit back and relax, knowing your property is protected. We’re so passionate about Howsy Club, it is included as standard on our Standard and Protect packages.

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