Smart Dashboard

Property management, in your pocket

Imagine having your entire property portfolio in your pocket. You’d need pretty big pockets, right? Not with the Howsy Smart Dashboard.

Available with:

  • Standard
  • Protect

Free with Standard and Protect

Your portfolio at a click

It’s true that the world is getting smaller, but we’ve shrunk your entire portfolio, so it fits right on your smartphone! With the Howsy Smart Dashboard, you can view everything that is going on across your account, from adverts to maintenance issues at the touch of a button.

On hand, in your hand

Backed up by our 24/7 support system, if you see anything in your account that makes you raise your eyebrow, an unexpected maintenance notification or something on an advert that you want to change, drop us a line and we’re on hand to help.

Available when you are

Access to your bespoke Howsy Smart Dashboard is available across all Howsy packages. Viewable via a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the dashboard is designed to work for you, and is always available when you are.

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