Guaranteed Rent
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Perfectly protected

Making sure you get paid is a given. If the tenant fails to pay the rent due within 5 working days, then Howsy guarantees to pay the rent to you*. If an eviction is necessary, the missed rents as well as legal and eviction costs** up to £50,000 are covered on Howsy’s Protect scheme. And during this time, your rent will be paid and you’ll be kept fully up to date. This covers rents up to £3000 per month and up to 12 months whilst tenants occupy your property.  Compared to traditional rent guarantee policies, where you might wait months for your claim to be submitted, assessed and resolved, Howsy Protect drastically reduces the amount of time you will be without rent. And it also takes away the time, hassle and stress of making claims away from our landlords.

*terms and conditions apply

** in respect of any material breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant