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How well do you know your landlord legislation? Our free legal helpline can lend a hand.

Lettings legislation is complex, and plentiful! But don’t get yourself in a fix, let our free legal helpline lend a hand.

Available with:

  • Standard
  • Protect

Free with Standard and Protect

Confused by lettings laws?

There are plenty of legal requirements for landlords to consider, and it’s easy to get yourself in a muddle. With legislation changes happening left, right and centre, it’s no surprise that it can be tricky to keep up.

We’ll cut the legal jargon

To make sure you don’t get yourself in hot water, why not take advantage of our free legal helpline? If you’re facing a tricky situation, we’ve got a team of experts on hand to help guide you through even the most complex legal minefields.

Free to all Howsy landlords

No landlord is immune to the law of the land, so our free legal helpline is available for all Howsy landlords and we’ll help you see through the legal jargon.

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