Key Safes

Crack the code on perfect property security with a Howsy Key Safe.

Your property being is secure is ‘key’, however being able to gain access in case of emergency is a real consideration. A key safe could be the answer.


Access a simple solution

Howsy’s Property repair team are on hand whenever you need them. However, if a burst pipe is causing havoc in your property and your tenant is away for the weekend, emergency access is a real consideration.

Security a key concern

Key safes can be a really useful addition to your property, with your Howsy team holding a secure code which can be shared with emergency maintenance as and when necessary. Codes can be changed at your request, so security is never compromised.

Unlock this option today

Your Howsy team can provide and maintain a key safe from just £35 – a small price to pay for peace of mind. Speak to your team today about your key safe requirements, and how a safe could work best for your property.

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