Inventory and Check in

Check in is an exciting time, but there’s still plenty of legal boxes to tick. Let us help.

Check in is an exciting time for everyone, however it’s important to remember that there’s plenty of lettings legislation to comply with. Our team can help. 

[UPDATE] This service is now available.

From £88

Fully itemised inventory

Giving a clear view of the contents and condition of your property, an inventory can be an invaluable tool should you have any deposit disputes. Our inventory clerks will carry out a full photographic inventory, providing a clear and comprehensive document.

Legal checklist compliant

There’s plenty to do to at check in to make sure you’re compliant with landlord legislation. Your local team will carry out a Right to Rent check and a smoke alarm test, and make sure that all the regulatory boxes are ticked and your tenants are happy.

Check in completed!

Our check in specialists are always happy to help smooth this busy period. Our full inventory and check in services starts from just £88, providing you and your tenants with calm and compliant start to your tenancy.

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