Full Property Management
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Howsy offer landlords different levels of property management tailored around how hands-on (or off) the landlord would like to be. Our full property management service offers a fully transparent, fair and professional property management service that includes tenant find, contracts, credit checks, inspections and repair management.

  • Round The Clock
    • Maintenance and repairs handled by us, 24/7 online or by phone.
  • Repairs and maintenance
    • We assess and prioritise your property’s maintenance and repair issues, deciding whether they are the tenant or landlord’s responsibility.
  • Fixed fairly
    • We decide up front who does the work – your preferred tradesperson, best-price via a panel quote or one of our hourly rate contractors.
  • Transparent
    • Whoever does your repairs or maintenance, you pay what they charge. Howsy never add a markup or get any kickbacks from suppliers.
  • Feedback
    • When the job’s done and the ticket’s closed, we ask tenants to rate the repair or maintenance process.