Eviction Cover

Free eviction cover, from issuing of notices to managing court proceedings

Evictions are not an easy process, so should worst come to worst and you have to consider this, let Howsy help.

Available with:

  • Standard
  • Protect

Free with Standard and Protect


Evicting your tenant is the last thing on anyone’s mind – after all, you don’t want to consider worst case scenario. However, it’s good to know that should the worst happen, Howsy has your back.

From notices to court

Once referencing is passed, our free eviction cover gives you complete peace of mind that we’ll work with you in gaining repossession of your property, from issuing notices to managing court process. Stress-free and simple!

Free cover as standard

Here’s hoping this is a Howsy service you’ll never need. However, if worst comes to worst and you need to consider starting eviction proceedings, Howsy Standard and Protect packages come with this service built in - one less thing to worry about.

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