Facebook Campaigns

Social sharing for speedier letting

Social media is the window to today’s world, so when you’re looking to let your property. Our Dedicated Facebook Campaigns can offer a targeted reach, to your local area.


Targeted campaigns

Our social media specialists can target your campaign to reach tenants in your local area, meaning your property advert appears only on social media thread that are the most valuable and relevant to your business. We don’t want to waste time targeting tenants with no interest in your property!

Reach thousands

The power of social media platforms is that you can get your property in front of thousands of potential tenants in your ares to get the interest you are looking for.

Great results, faster

The more prospective tenants that view your property, the higher the chances of finding your perfect match. With social media playing a huge part in our lives, showcasing your property on the world’s biggest platform is a great idea, and can really help speed up the process of getting let.

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