Maintaining a Good Relationship With Your Tenant

As a landlord, keeping your tenants happy makes business sense and can only benefit you. A happy tenant is more likely to become a long-term tenant, or refer you to others. Happy tenants are also more likely to pay bills on time and keep the house in good condition.

The following tips from our friends and Compare My Move will help you keep your tenants happy.

1) Go through the conditions of the contract

To ensure the tenancy runs smoothly and that there are no misunderstandings, be clear about any rules and conditions you want your tenants to follow. Make sure your tenants know they can ask you any questions if they need you to clarify anything.

With this in mind…

2) Communicate

One of the best ways to ensure your relationship with your tenant is positive is to communicate effectively. Make sure you respond quickly to any texts and emails from your tenants, and maybe even send them a text to check they are settling in and enjoying the house.

Of course, don’t overdo it; you don’t want your tenants to feel smothered. Simply send a check-up text once every month or so.

3) Make the House Look Homely

Try to make the property look as appealing as possible. Tenants want to feel comfortable and see themselves living in the property. Get a rug or carpet for the living room and install warm lighting for the house, or buy some lamps for the bedrooms. If your tenants enjoy living in the house, they are more likely to keep it clean and in good condition.

good tenant relationship

4) Respect their Privacy

Although you can inspect the property, give your tenants at least 48 hours’ notice if you plan on visiting. It’s a good idea to make your visiting terms part of the contract to avoid misunderstandings and conflict. Being considerate will go a long way with your tenants.

5) Keep up to Date with Legislation

As the landlord, you are responsible for making sure your property and tenants align with changes in legislation, especially concerning health and safety. Tenants are increasingly more informed about this, and will expect you to be too.

6) Deal with Issues Quickly

Ensuring the property is kept in good condition and responding quickly to any issues will keep your tenants happy and confident that you can be relied upon. This will also encourage them to take care of the property themselves.

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