The Howsy Manifesto

We’re turning the property rental system on its head

The world of lettings is stuck in a time warp. Unsurprisingly, landlords and tenants are fed up.

The cost, the service, the inefficiency, the lack of transparency-it’s a sector that just isn’t working.

Meet Howsy. A new model and vision designed to shake up the way renting works for good. Our vision? An intuitive, stress-free and fairly-priced experience that’s full of new ideas and ways of doing things.

Our combination of smart tech and specialist property people are driven by an understanding of what renters and landlords need. We think it’s possible to combine great deals with low-cost service for landlords and renters. We know that the world of renting can be tough – boilers do breakdown at weekends and out of office hours – but it’s our job to fix things efficiently, honestly and with a smile on our face.

We understand what it’s like to be a renter and a landlord. And we dispute the idea that they’re meant to be  on opposite sides. In fact, great landlords and great renters are united by their love of the same thing. And it goes way beyond property. Because it’s not just about renting a place to live, it’s about finding  a home you love.

We’re restless in our quest to shake it up and challenge the status quo. It’s in our DNA to ask ‘how’? How can we do things differently? How can we help? How can we do better? How can we make it easier for you? And we intend to keep asking so we can keep improving and get things right.

Team & Careers

Howsy was founded by CEO Calum Brannan – having been a tenant himself and more recently a landlord fed up with letting agents.

In just 2 years, we’ve grown from 2 people to a team of over 50, and now work with thousands of landlords and tenants across England. And we don’t intend to stop there.

We’re extremely grateful for the ongoing support of a number of key industry veterans that we’re lucky to have on our Board. Our Chair, Gillian Kent is well-versed in disruptive technologies; her experience as former CEO of and former MD of Microsoft MSN UK is helping shape how we transform the rental sector for good.

Meet the team

Calum Brannan
Gillian Kent
Nick Hynes
Carl Uminski
Simon Tucker
Alexis Johnson
Head of Product
Steven Kemp
Kate Scane
Sales Director
Andra Dinu
Head of Marketing
Daniel Peers
Financial Controller
Sarah Baumann
Brand Director
Duncan Chambers
Senior Accounts Manager
Daniel Benzie
Senior Developer
Charlie Reid
Operations Manager (UK)
Charlene Manglallan
Operations Manager (Philippines)

Open Positions

No Current Open Positions

We currently don’t have any open positions. Why not fill your details in below and if anything becomes available we’ll get back to you.

We’re always looking for talented people with property sector experience. If you like what you read, get in touch or send your CV using the form. We’d love to hear from you.